Saaz Aggarwal

Lines of Depth & Beauty

An elephant kissed my window

This collection of stories from the tea plantations of South India is a fascinating journey back to a forgotten era. Colonial rule has ended, and the British have left behind a nation of tea producers and tea drinkers. Charming anecdotes from the transitional period are presented showcasing archaic rituals alongside the pranks of the high-spirited young men privileged to have inherited them.
This book takes you deep into pristine jungles where you will meet chevrotain, hornbills and panthers; and rural areas where people catch snakes, perform ‘black magic’, and identify thieves using fascinating traditional methods.
Sometimes politically incorrect, sometimes verging on controversy, always thought provoking – who would ever imagine that all this could possibly go into the making of that staple of our daily lives, a simple cup of tea?

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