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Saaz Aggarwal started the process of collecting Sindhi stories more than a decade ago, and very soon realised how much had been lost when Partition took place in 1947.

It wasn’t just material loss and loss of dignity! Sindhis also lost their language. And they lost their culture. Even their history was lost and distorted.

To be deprived of one’s past is to inherit an impoverished future.

For Sindhis, this podcast is the opportunity to reconnect with a precious long-lost legacy, gain a better understanding of who you are, and claim a more secure identity.

If you are not a Sindhi, here is a piece of Indian history – world history – which will enrich you with learning and inspiration, even as it engages and fascinates you.

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This podcast brings you facts, opinions, insights and images, put together in a way that’s meant to keep you hooked! Collecting the material, building relationships with experts in the field, reading, writing, thinking, and talking about Sindh, has taken Saaz long years of research, and hundreds of interviews of Partition-affected Sindhis. She has enjoyed the process, and felt very fulfilled by the way people responded to her interviews. She has also received a huge number of appreciative responses from readers and listeners around the world.

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Ep 5 – Fighting for freedom

Sindh was the final frontier of the British empire. This episode is about how the Hindus fared under British rule, the changes that laid the ground for Partition – and how freedom was won. As always, there are many stories from different sources including some really dramatic ones of life at the time and how people stood up to fight for freedom. A very special guest, Dr Subash Bijlani, joins us and speaks about life under the British and his family’s contribution to the freedom movement, with many light-hearted moments as well as some solemn ones.

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Ep 4 – Sindhi multinationals in colonial times

This episode, about the centuries-old global trading networks centred on Sindh, has stories and a lot of light-hearted conversation, as always. But the high point is an interview with the reclusive Claude Markovits, who speaks about how he embarked on his pathbreaking research as well as various other topics from Gandhi to the plight of the women left at home, and his own experiences with some members of the community he rescued from obscurity by documenting it.

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Ep 3 – Land of multi-faith harmony

Sindhi Hindus lost their homeland to Partition on the grounds of religion. However, religion was never a strongly divisive factor in Sindh! In this episode, the Tapestry podcast explores the syncretic fabric of the community before Partition; the fundamental embracing of Sikhism, Sufism, and the goodness of every religion in every Hindu family of Sindh. Anthropologist Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro showcases this culture, speaks about his extensive documentation of the multi-faith shrines of Sindh, and also his fascinating research on the Qalandar cult.

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Ep 2 – I left my heart in…

The Sindhi Hindus left their homes and everything in them – but they carried so much in their hearts. Their feelings of love, nostalgia, and longing, for the places they had lost shows itself in many different ways. This episode shows the sad, interesting and even funny aspects of this phenomenon. It shows the ways in which Hindus of Sindh built these places that they had to leave behind forever. And it gives brief glimpses into some of the places of Sindh which in so many ways crossed the border too, along with the exiled ones!

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Ep 1 – Stories from a Vanished Homeland

The Sindhi story is so little known that almost everything about it has aspects that are surprising, interesting and useful to know. In this first episode of the Tapestry podcast, Saaz Aggarwal and Tarun Sakhrani talk about why they decided to start it, and begin the process of restoring the lost legacy by sharing some wonderful information and stories that you are going to value and cherish.
This episode is a casual but thought-provoking conversation, and topics range from the ubiquitous “Sindhi and the snake”, an introduction to the inimitable Bhai Pratap, why this podcast is named “Tapestry” – and many more. Listen – and enjoy!

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