Saaz Aggarwal

Lines of Depth & Beauty

Ep 6 – Partition

Even 75 years after Partition took place in 1947, and despite the huge number of Sindhis affected by it, Sindh has not yet been accepted as an essential part of the mainstream narrative. This episode is a conversation with expert Nandita Bhavnani whose research on the topic, and her book The Making of Exile, cover the chronology of events as well as the many layers of experience, loss, and feeling that the Sindhi community underwent. The large range of topics discussed in this episode indicate the extent to which Sindhis, even down to the present generation, were affected by Partition.


Sindhnamah by Nandita Bhavnani

The Making of Exile by Nandita Bhavnani

I will and I can by Nandita Bhavnani

Love knows no bounds, a piece of Amil history contributed by Triveni Dadlani

Kartar’s story: The Muhajirs protected us

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