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Lines of Depth & Beauty

Ep 1 – Stories from a Vanished Homeland

The Sindhi story is so little known that almost everything about it has aspects that are surprising, interesting and useful to know. In this first episode of the Tapestry podcast, Saaz Aggarwal and Tarun Sakhrani talk about why they decided to start it, and begin the process of restoring the lost legacy by sharing some wonderful information and stories that you are going to value and cherish.

This episode is a casual but thought-provoking conversation, and topics range from the ubiquitous “Sindhi and the snake”, an introduction to the inimitable Bhai Pratap, why this podcast is named “Tapestry” – and many more. Listen – and enjoy!


from Memorialising Partition by Ramachandra Guha

“I have recently been reading a book called Sindh: Stories from a Vanished Homeland. Its author, Saaz Aggarwal, was born and raised in India, but her family’s roots lie in the Sindh province of what is now Pakistan. Through the skilful use of oral histories, her book recreates the experience of living in undivided Sindh, in towns and villages peopled by both Hindus and Muslims. It then moves forward to the events of 1947, and the displacement of Sindhi Hindus, to their forced migration across the border, and the hard, heroic, rebuilding of their lives in India.”

Sarah Ansari in Dawn, on Sindh: Stories of a Vanished Homeland

Sindhi Tapestry: an anthology of reflections on the Sindhi identity: how the book came to life

Sindhi Tapestry: an anthology of reflections on the Sindhi identity: something about the book and its writers

Sindh in the Indian national anthem:

Language shift and identity reproduction Matthew Cook and Maya Khemlani David

Like looking in the mirror for the first time – interview with Fazil Jamili

About the Tapestry Podcast

For Sindhis, this podcast is the opportunity to reconnect with a precious long-lost legacy, gain a better understanding of who you are, and claim a more secure identity.

If you are not a Sindhi, here is a piece of Indian history – world history – which will enrich you with learning and inspiration, even as it engages and fascinates you.


This podcast brings you facts, opinions, insights and images, put together in a way that’s meant to keep you hooked!

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